August 9, 2009


Or rather, a Certificate of Recognition! David and Barbara presented it to us at dinner last night. It reads:

Certificate of Recognition

Reptile Wrangler, First Class

Whereas, Dan "Tongman" Moore, without whose snake tongs and dexterity there would be no story and Anneke "Shutterbug" Moore, without whose camera no one would believe the story, have combined their talents to save the lives of rambunctious, rambling reptiles and preserve the peace of mind of invasive humans.

Therefore, it is the pleasure of the powers that be in the Blacktail Bajada Ecological Enhancement, Critter Conservation, and Reptile Relocation Association (BBEECCRRA) to recognize these accomplishments and award Anneke "Shutterbug" Moore, and Dan "Tongman" Moore the title of Reptile Wrangler, First Class.

Presented this day, August 8, 2009 at the Whoadammit Ranch by

signed Barbara T. Larson and R. David Larson

Grateful members, BBEECCRRA

All this in fancy font and framed. How cool is that?

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