August 5, 2009

Another relocation

We are still seeing some snakes the last couple of weeks. Most of them seem to be around Dave and Barbara's new place, probably because it is new and people have not been around there much to disturb the wildlife. I see them on the morning walk too: Emma and Shawna backed away from a Mojave rattler when Linda was still here, and yesterday we came upon a big Diamondback. Thankfully the dogs have left the snakes alone because, even while having been vaccinated, getting bit would not be a good thing.

This last, small, snake was on Dave and Barbara's new porch, protesting when Barbara was stuffing more straw in an opening between 2 bales, and got her adrenaline going.

Our snake tongs are still the buy of the season: it is so easy to pick up a snake without hurting him, or us, so we can put him in a bucket to be transported to human-uninhibited environs. So far: 6 rattlers, 3 bull snakes.

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