August 16, 2009

Late summer garden

The squash borer got to the zucchini so it was time to pull up the plants this morning. Nothing more sad than looking at a row of plants that are totally wilted. I did take the hint of one of our local gardening experts though, and planted another couple of seeds after adding yet another load of horse manure. Our summers are long enough to still get some producing plants before it gets too cold.

I also pulled up the green bean plants: we are tired of green beans and it will give me some impetus to get going on the winter garden; perhaps sow some kale this week.

I am glad I worked in the manure with the spading fork because I managed to dig up Mr Toad. Thankfully no harm was done and I was able to catch him in a bucket and bring him to the still very healthy cucumber bed. I should remember that he will probably decide to overwinter there and not make the same mistake.

Thanks to Dan's tomato towers, the plants are over my head now. Otherwise they would be all over the aisles and I would be hacking my way to pick some tomatoes (aka tomato-diving). Here are some that I harvested off one tomato plant today; I put all 10 pounds in the freezer. Great for tomato soup this fall and winter.

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