August 2, 2009

Rescue attempt

I was putzing out in the yard this morning when I heard a horse whinny far off, and when I looked up I saw some white horses close to the National Forest fence. Viewed with binoculars no riders appeared present, so Dan set off on foot with a halter. I gathered up more halters, some water, and went after him on my mountain bike.

I caught up at the Forest Boundary and stayed well behind while Dan tried to get close to one of them. There were four horses in all: all of them Paints. It looked like 2 adults, a two or three year old, and a yearling or colt. Gorgeous horses. Dan had no problem getting the gelding haltered while I disconnected the fence. The other adult, the mare, was haltered too, but the 2 younger horses stayed away and did not follow the older ones when I tried to lead them away.

So, sadly, we had to let them all go again, but not after closing one of the gates that would keep them confined on about 1000 acres, and accessible for whomever lost them. I reported all this to the sheriff and hope that the owner will retrieve them soon: there is no water in the Forest anywhere. Never a dull moment here.

On a happier note, here is a picture of the young Hooded Orioles. They were born on July 27 and they are growing fast.

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