December 27, 2008

Snow (just a little)

No white Christmas, but we did have some snow yesterday. "Weather" is much anticipated here as clear skies and lots of sun are the norm. The winter storm was announced with lots of fanfare, and I was looking forward to playing out in the snow with Shawna who is really in her element then. It started with rain and lots of wind as is usual here, and we saw some spectacular rainbows off our west side.

It turned to snow in the afternoon and the temperature dropped by the hour, but none of it stuck because it all arrived horizontally. I wonder how much accumulation there is in the Chiricahuas as that's where it was all headed.

This morning it was 19 degrees when I got up, the wind had ceased and the anemometer on the weather station is still frozen, but it has warmed up to 31 by now. The domesticated animals are not used to these temperatures; I wonder if their blood has thinned as ours certainly has. One of the chickens took a header on a patch of ice in their yard, and Bueno was trying to do wheelies in his stall, sliding into the back wall.

It is wonderful to see how different features of our landscape are accentuated when there is a dusting of snow. But I do feel for the birds and the desert animals, in spite of the fact that some jackrabbit has done a number on one of my landscape cacti. I need to throw out some more birdseed.

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