September 29, 2014


This is the first year our pear trees have borne fruit. Nobody's fault but mine that it has taken some years to get here, but I won't go into that. I was so excited to see pears that I asked Dan to put fencing around the most promising tree so the coyotes would not be able to help themselves as they do to the apples. These babies were mine!

I picked them still green as I was afraid of them falling off the tree and ripened them in a bag with some apples. This weekend they were ready. After sampling one I decided that the texture of these would allow these to be used in a dessert as they were quite firm, even when fully ripe. They are sugar pears, and reminded me of my grandmother cooking pears as accompaniment to pork. So good.

There were about 5 pounds of fruit and I found a great recipe in Fine Cooking for ginger-pear cobbler. I am no food stylist, and suffice it to say it is delicious even if it looks, well ….

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webb said...

I can taste them from here. If you get over-run, you could make Pear Butter - it's very good in February!

Jealousy here.