September 5, 2014

How green it is

The plan was to go to Tucson today for some shopping, but it does not take us much to come up with an excuse why this trip should be postponed and something more fun to be undertaken. We opted for the Stronghold hike.

This past weekend the Forest Service opened the Stronghold campground after locking out campers from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Go figure, though I must admit that I welcome the closure as it allows the vegetation to recuperate from the hiking and horseback traffic during the rest of the year.

And green it was. There is still water running in the creek and Halfmoon Tank was full. Emma took a quick dip but the mosquitoes were a bit thick, even for her.

You would think that the desert is a tough place with the vegetation being forbidding and all defense-oriented with stickers and thorns, but when there is enough moisture it produces the most delicate flowers on the thinnest stems.


Aaron said...

I was just down there (Dragoons), how wonderfully green everything was. I couldn't believe all the flowers, most I have never seen before.
Good pics, thanks for sharing.

webb said...

Are you sure you didn't sneak in a trip to the Appalachians? it's gorgeous!!