September 9, 2014


Leftovers from hurricane Norbert arrived here late yesterday morning and dumped 1.75 inches in a couple of hours at the WD. Thankfully nothing like the record setting amount in Phoenix, or the more than 2 inches that fell in Tucson. We were driving on I-10 however and, in reading the reports this morning, we were lucky that we made it to our destination in one piece.

Rain in the desert does disappear quickly and this morning all is moist loveliness. Fog in the valley, so rather that take a chance on the bike, we walked around Black Tail hill.

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webb said...

So beautiful! Sounds like Eastern rain, not Western.

We got 3/4 inch yesterday, but not as downpour - it drizzled for 30 hours and the thirsty ground just sucked it up.

Glad you were safe.