September 24, 2014

Family additions

I got new chicks today! They are day-old Americanas (aka Easter Egg Layers because they lay blue eggs). They were shipped last night from Ohio, we picked them up this afternoon at the Tucson post office and installed them in their temporary quarters just now.

My first flock (2007) had some Americanas and we found them pretty, friendly, and good layers. They all have different looks, as opposed to a flock of just red or black chickens, so you get to know them better, which has pros and cons (when they pass on). I am currently down to 7 non-laying, henopausal hens, and these new girls will be ready to start laying this spring.

It is amazing to me that these little birds, who are not so little when you compare them with quail chicks which we see a lot here, are hatched and shipped without water or food, surviving on the nutrients in the egg and can live like that for a couple of days. Lots of cheeping in the box though.

First thing after unpacking is to dip their beak in some vitamin-fortified water and sprinkle some chick starter on paper towels that they can pick at. So done, and they immediately tucked in.

Dan took some "chick pics", and I think I will call this photogenic blond "Cindy".


webb said...

I love them! A neighboring county has just started allowing up to four chickens in neighborhood backyards - Mitchell is terrified that they will do the same here ... 'cause he knows who will be first in line to have some!

these are darling! Hope you have plenty of blue eggs in the spring.

Anneke said...

Growing up in a high-rise in the city, I never knew how much fun chickens can be. They are not "stupid" and Mitchell, think of fresh eggs!