September 17, 2014

O after N

It is a bit unusual to have two tropical storms in a row give us rain, but it was Norbert last week and now it is Odile. Norbert roared in and out with heavy rain and was gone in a day, Odile is slow and gentle and appears to hang around for most of the week. Temperatures are in the 70's and we are enjoying having the house open day and night.

The hummingbird migration continues unabated, which seems longer than past years, and I am making a lot of sugar water. The bats come at night to the one feeder I leave out and that contributes, but bats need to eat, and migrate, too. Can't supply nectar to those with pretty feathers only.

The garden is enjoying the rain, though I have pulled up a lot of plants already because they were "done". Peppers are still going strong.

1 comment:

webb said...

Glad you're getting beneficial rain - we need it badly, but are not seeing any yet.

A blog friend in NYC still has a hummer working her terrace - seems way too late for him to be that far north. Haven't seen one here in weeks.