September 18, 2014

Holy vaca!, as my friend Pat would say

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest we know what rain looks like, especially this kind of rain which is basically living in a cloud. No light, no visibility, just wet drip. Outside humidity is 98%, and UV is 0 out of 12. To right now Odile has left us 3.9 inches and it will not taper off until later today. At this rate I am happy that it is just a steady drip, rather than a downpour. It has been an amazing 10 days in the desert.

There are puddles everywhere, the horse stalls are flooded, and Emma is reluctant to venture outside as the towel will be waiting. How can a Labrador who loves water take exception to a bit of rain?

Buggsy: what has happened to my room and to the world in general?

1 comment:

webb said...

Wow! where is Noah when you need him? will be interesting to see what blooms unexpectedly after all this water...