September 30, 2014

About to fledge, …. gone!

This is the third brood of road runners this year, but the first one incubated on the roost in the horse barn. The parents are young birds themselves, and I questioned their parenting skills but they have done a good job with these two youngsters. I don't think there is a lizard alive within 2 miles of the WD. There is a food delivery about every five minutes.

The road runners being rather tame, it is fun to watch the goings on while you are cleaning horse stalls or giving horse spa treatments. The roost/nest is above Buggsy's stall and the parents squawk a bit when you are there for an extended period of time, but they tolerate us as well as the farrier and his helper, and just go about their business.

This morning it was evident that the biggest nestling was about to go venture out, but we missed the actual first flight. I saw him a little later in the stall, with the parent in the nearby round pen, totally unconcerned. I hope they remember there is still a young one up there.

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webb said...

Be still my heart! You're the RR Whisperer.