December 30, 2010


Mom Nature is having a tantrum today: we are having snow. And, as usual, it is arriving horizontally. I thought initially that it would peter out as the day progressed, but it appears that it will continue until tonight. Tomorrow is forecast to be partly cloudy with no snow accumulation. This weather is of course great fun because we have it so seldom, and it is a perfect day to get ready for a party and do some cooking (me), and finish up phase 1 of the office (Dan).

The horses asked to stay in their stalls this morning, and the hens are in the coop. The wild birds are having a difficult time, but I do my best to keep the feeders full. The roadrunner is perhaps worse off as insects and lizards will be in short supply today. That's her in the bottom picture with all the little birds cleared out.


webb said...

Definitely NOT a sight for Central Virginia. I love her! Hope you and yours have a wonderful, fun New Year's Eve, and that 2011 will be filled with new adventures and lots of good blogs!


DJ said...

Have a wonderful time at your party. I know that you all look forward to it (and I'm sure everyone else does as well) every year.

Anneke said...

To Webb, my blogger friend. I also wish you, and Mitchell, a wonderful, healthy, New Year. I am looking forward to reading more "you".