December 7, 2010

Downtown Tucson

Even though we have lived "close to" (75 miles) Tucson for more than 6 years now, we had not explored downtown until recently. Then, at the end of October, Dan was given The Barrio as one of his subjects in his Nat Geo Photo Workshop, and because of the federal jury duty I was forced to be downtown for more than a week. This morning we decided to go back and explore a little more. We discovered we had missed a very nice piece of Tucson.

The Barrio is close to the government buildings, which are modern and beautiful with spacious surroundings. Pictured above is the Pima County Courthouse. As the oldest part of Tucson, the Barrio with its adobe building style, complete with private little courtyards, lots of color, its artsy-ness and jumbled plants, is in stark contrast.

We spent a pleasant couple of hours walking around taking pictures, and had a great lunch at Cafe a la C'Arte in the Art Museum.

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webb said...

Lovely, interesting photos. You are getting better every day. Tucson reminds me a bit of Albuquerque - probably a lot of shared or similar history and architecture.