December 12, 2010

Sunday morning

The weather has been beautiful the last week or so, but we have been busy with indoor projects so this morning we felt the need for some hiking or riding. Hiking won out, and I picked Deer Saddle in the Stronghold. It is close by: we just walk out the back door and head up the hill that is part of our daily view.

It's an interesting knoll altogether. It has a variety of different rock types and lots of vegetation. It has been very dry the last couple of months and the grasses crunch underfoot. Once in a while you get a whiff of some herb that has been crushed. It is a bit tough going because of the steepness and some loose rocks, but you can follow some of the trails that the deer have made. It's obvious though that they are shorter than we are.

We spent a little time on top admiring the stunning views before we headed down for stall cleaning, showers, and lunch. Lovely Sunday morning.


webb said...

Look at that gorgeous cactus (?) blooming! It looks like it is wearing garlands and a crown. I am SO jealous!

Anneke said...

It IS a cactus, a cane cholla. But it's not blooming, those are its fruits.