December 23, 2010

'T was a dark and stormy morning

I bailed on the morning walk, which does not happen often, but clouds were racing in front of the moon and it was raining. Squalling, rather. So I fed the birds, opened the coop and threw hay to the horses. Had to quickly cover the hay bales with a tarp because the wind was whipping rain into the barn. I noticed the roadrunner girl was still on her roost in the rafters. It was dark after all.

A perfect painting day! What happened to the "let's wait until after the New Year's" on the office project? Perhaps it is a leftover from our working days where long weekends and holidays were spent doing "improvements". Truth is that I bought paint yesterday and I am curious to see how the green walls are going to look.

So I do not mind the rainy day, but the roadrunner is not a happy girl. What happened to the sun, and all the edibles that come out with it?


webb said...

I want her! Will she come to Virginia and live with me? I promise insects or whatever she wants to eat - raisins maybe? Take good care of her and her soon-to-be offspring!

Merry Christmas!

Anneke said...

We do feel privileged to have her around, and she is quite tolerant of us. As for food, she is a raptor so it's got to be meat, and I have seen her with lizards. The ground squirrels disappear when she is around, but while the birds get up off the ground, they do remain on the feeders.

Merry Christmas to you too!