October 7, 2010

Yellow and blue

It's really fall now, and the weather is beautiful. Temperatures are in the 80's, and 50's at night. We are living with the doors and windows open 24 hours. Lovely time of year.

On our hike today I was surprised to see entire hillsides covered in yellow flowers. We have a lot of DYC's here (Darn Yellow Composites), and I did not bother to identify these. There was still one agave lechuguilla in bloom, wonderfully fragrant; it must have thought it was spring.

We saw a couple of Mexican jays at our resting spot. It is a popular site with other people too because it affords a great view of the valley, and the jays are catching on as often tasty tidbits are left behind.

And then there is that yellow Lab, as always having a great time running along and taking a swim in Halfmoon Tank.

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