October 4, 2010

World Animal Day

Today is the birthday of St Francis of Assisi, the protector of animals. I already celebrated this day when I was a child (we called it Dierendag), although we did not have many pets in those days. Now I try to do something special for all those living at and around the WD.

The dogs indicated that after yesterday's hike and this morning's walk, food would be more appreciated than more exercise, so I have some mixed grill planned for their dinner. The chickens got fresh kale and chard from the garden in addition to their usual scraps, and I spread extra birdseed for the quail and ground squirrels who usually hang around the patio.

I cleaned up Buggsy and took him for a little grazing ride, which was topped off with some grazing in our now dry pond which sports a modest, but juicy, patch of Bermuda grass around the edges. Since I was running out of time this morning, I hand-grazed Cody and Bueno on the same grass, and it was a huge hit. Cody never even raised his head once he fell into it.

Meanwhile, Dan is wasting today, and apparently the next couple of days, at our county courthouse (90 minutes drive one way) doing jury duty. One drawback of living in a sparsely populated county: expect to be called for jury duty every 2 years, and as long as you can fog a mirror and have not contributed to a guilty verdict, expect to serve.

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DJ said...

Love, love the picture of you and the dogs. I am sure that St. Francis would be proud of the animal heaven that you have created at the WD Ranch.