October 5, 2010

Is there something special about this time of year?

Is there a shortage of stardust in the universe, and Earth is being called upon to contribute more than its usual share? People around me are losing loved ones over the last 2 weeks, and it is making everybody sad. Two years ago at the end of September Marsha lost her mother, last year my mother passed away, and this year a lot of people are leaving. Dying is a part of life, but it is so tough on those left behind.

I wonder if I am blessed because I come from a very small family, and have not had to deal much with people passing on (my grandparents and my parents), or is loss more keenly felt because it does not happen that regularly? Or do friends get to be as important as family, or am I just hurting for those left behind? Regardless, I'd like this to stop because we still have life to live, and all this is not contributing to my already not too sunny outlook.

Anyway, such were my musings on the morning walk. I should go clean some horse stalls, and then perhaps bake something. 

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webb said...

Perhaps there's a connection to winter, or a recreation of Persephone's decent to Hades. or, more likely, just the next step in the process.