October 15, 2010

Home alone - not

Dan left for Texas at 3 this morning: La(Verne), his mom, needing some serious cheering up. It's that time of year again, I tell you. It's a bit of a haul from here to the Dallas area, hence the early hour, but the driving is not too bad as most of it is through sparsely populated West Texas on I-10 and I-20. The only city to drive through until the Dallas metro area is El Paso, and he hopefully hit that before morning rush hour. Then it's another 12 hours or so, all through Texas, to get to Big D, which is the driving nightmare. And it does not help that he loses 2 hours because of timezones.

I went back to bed after making him "roadfood" (coffee, breakfast and lunch), so I got up a little late (6 am), and I have been busy tending the WD. I am also seeing after the neighbors' garden as they are at a memorial service in Michigan. That time of year ... Now everyone is fed, watered, and cleaned, and the couch and a book are calling me, but a naplet sounds just wonderful too.

I have laid in a fair amount of seafood for my batching days, and am invited out for fish tacos at Dave and Barbara's tomorrow. Doesn't sound like I will be too lonely. Or get too hungry.

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webb said...

Sounds like an awful trip! I have always admired the way Texans will drive from Dallas to Austin for lunch, or a good bar. Didn't know that Arizonans had the same driving gene - altho going to see Mother is a bit different from hitting the not-so-local pub.

Hope you have a nice few days of girl time.