October 3, 2010

Oh my ...

The four of us went on a hike this morning. We felt the need to stretch the old legs and work a little on Shawna's conditioning. It was not exactly bushwacking because we followed a trail that we often take on horseback, but the grass is hip-high right now and the path a bit obscure. We all walked right by this rattler taking a nap, but I just caught him out of the corner of my eye as my foot missed him. Dan went back to take some pictures, and he never stirred or even woke up. Talk about good camouflage.

I am surprised to still see some very young animals. This morning a spadefoot toad, less than 1 inch tall, sat on the mat by the front door, and on our way home we saw this tiny, thumbnail-sized,  horned frog.

Shawna did great on the walk, the longest one in years. We are all about to sack out in front of the Sunday football game with some popcorn.

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webb said...

So glad her shoulder is holding up. Maybe it won't be long now.