October 30, 2010


It's been a strange week: like going to work, and not. I was called to jury duty. Again. I don't know what it is about this state, I have lived here 6 years and have been called to appear 3 times. Twice in county court, and this time to the US District Court. The Cochise County courthouse is in Bisbee, about 90 minutes drive one way, and the federal court is downtown Tucson, about the same distance.

While in the holding pool we were assigned numbers and because there were more than 70 of us, I thought I would have a good chance at being dismissed. For one thing, I had been called fairly recently and once delivered a "guilty" verdict. It has saved me in Bisbee before. Jury selection here took a long time. It seems that over half the state works for some type of government, law-enforcement or otherwise. I thought I almost was free when I was the 11th juror chosen in a 13 person jury. D***N!

I must admit that the court is bending over backwards to make life as easy as possible for us. Because I live more than 60 miles away, they will pay for a hotel room and give me a per diem, but I don't WANT to stay in a hotel downtown and eat restaurant food! I want to be HOME! So, I am driving to Tucson every day. Thankfully court does not start for us until 9:30, and we adjourn at 5 or earlier. I guess I am in a routine already, and am very thankful that Dan is here to take care of the animals' needs. We certainly could not work and have the WD: too much work and certainly no play. I will be back in my old work routine tomorrow of cooking on Sunday for the rest of the week, but after we go for a ride.

We are not to discuss the case, but I must say that the other jurors are very nice and we have some fun during our breaks. The process is interesting, I admit, and I enjoy watching the interaction between all the players. The whole thing should be over some time next week. Then I will be able to get back to "life".

This is a photo of the courtyard behind the beautiful courthouse (not pictured), where I eat my lunch (lovingly prepared by Dan).

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webb said...

I just realized that you live in "Sheriff Joanna Brady" land! I feel like I know exactly what it's like!

Jury duty certainly is a double edged sword. It always makes me feel proud that I am giving back for all that I get from this country, but it's usually a pain in the back side. Have served in the last two jurisdictions where we lived, but so far not called here - well, there's a hex, isn't it! Hope it's over soon.