September 10, 2009

West Turkey Creek

We found a new favorite picnic spot, and, for Arizona standards, close by too! I had felt the need for an outing for a couple of days, and we decided to explore some more in the Chiricahuas, on the east side of our valley. It always appears to rain there when we are wishing for moisture, and it showed. The foothills are green, with cattle grazing belly-deep in grass.

Higher up, beyond the grass and oak land, is the pine forest and it smelled wonderful with the sun shining on the trees. The spot I selected is an excellent birding spot, but we are not really birders. I think to bird well here, you had better know bird songs because the birds are elusive and are not interested in being identified. We drove to the end of the road, took a little hike, but the real draw for me was the creek.

We pulled off the road, selected a nice, clear pool (until Emma got into it), and had our lunch on the rocks. Dan opted to barbara, meaning to take your shoes and socks off and dangle your feet in cold water.

On our way up I saw a doe and fawn, who was the size of Emma. On the way down we watched a couple of adult deer feed on a bush. They were in not much of a hurry.

We will return here soon.

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