September 24, 2009

A cool day

It may be barely fall, but today really feels like it: we needed a longsleeved shirt on our ride today. It had to come off of course, but only after we took our long, and fast, lope. I have been riding Buggsy a lot lately, getting used to riding our Ferrari at speed. That horse just loves to go, and he can go for hours (or so it seems) without getting winded or breaking a sweat. Bueno and Dan were behind us: Bueno was breathing hard and was very wet under saddle when we got home. He just can't stand having Buggs be in front, and very fast. Too fun.

Perhaps that feeling of fall also comes from the landscape. There was not much of a monsoon this year, and the ocotillo and other plants are showing it: leaves are falling. Our ocotillo forest is showing fall colors and it won't be long before these plants are just dead-looking branches. But I know that it only takes 72 hours for leaves to reappear after sufficient rainfall, just about anytime of year.

I always have my eye out for interesting rocks and such when I am hiking or riding and I found this beautiful rock today, just as I took Buggs off the trail to let Bueno by. It just sparkles with quartz crystals, but they are hard to capture with the camera.

Meanwhile, work is progressing very well on the strawbale house. Dave and Barbara were happy to show off their beautiful tongue-in-groove ceiling. It looks great! Another big job off the list!

For those of you following this blog regularly, Dan and I will be in Sedona and the Grand Canyon for some days and no new posts will appear until the end of next week as we have no 'puter with us. So not to worry; hopefully I will have some great pictures to add later.


DJ said...

Have a wonderful break and tell Dave and Barbara the ceiling looks awesome!

Love, Denise

Shannon said...

That sounds like a fantastic trip! Have fun!