September 6, 2009

Jimena - not

Last week everybody was atwitter about the tropical storm that was forecasted to hit our area this weekend. Rain! Finally! Well, it did rain, but not here. Phoenix got its first rain this year, and in our county it rained in Willcox and Sierra Vista. There must be something about the cities getting more rain than we out in the country. I bet all that concrete and asphalt makes the air warmer, it rises and meets cold air, and voila, they get rain. But then, there is always tomorrow.

I think I also look forward to rain as an excuse to loaf, sleep in. Thing is, I can loaf any time but I never seem to and I doubt I would even if it did rain. There is always something to do around here, and it really is not "work". This morning I gave the chickens some of my attention, and dumped unproductive flower pots, planted some new cactus pads. I am trying to hold off on sowing the winter garden because I still think it is too early. Look see who was perched on the garden gate this morning.

Meanwhile, Dan and Emma walked up, or I call it "climbed", Blacktail Hill, close by in the National Forest. It is a steep climb and not one of my favorites, but they came back happy and tired. It was overcast, so perfect hiking weather.

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