September 15, 2009

A great day for paddling

We had such a good time on Patagonia Lake last month that we wanted to go back "one more time this year, before it gets too cold". We Arizonans have thin blood, you know. Anyway, today was the day and we had a wonderful time again. So, rather than thinking that this might be the last time this year, I put this outing on the calendar again for the middle of next month. We can always scratch, should we so desire.

We are getting the hang of paddling together, and there was less arguing on who should do what and when. Somehow being in watercraft seem to be "remember our marriage" occasions as I fondly think about our sailing days with the 14' Lido and the 24' Oday sailboats. But we did have fun.

I love being out on the water and smell the wind. Am I showing my heritage? And there is nothing like being wind or human powered. I enjoy the exercise and the sensation of the boat gliding along on muscle power.

Here are some of today's pictures.

At the boatdock, where we rent a canoe.

About to go ashore.

View of the lake from our lunch spot.

Where we had lunch ashore.

Emma, tuckered, and happy that Dan is paddling.

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