September 11, 2009

It is nice to know

The weather was perfect for a ride this morning: fresh and clear, with that clean smell that comes with rain. Buggsy banged his foot on a rock last week and it is still a bit swollen so I took Cody out, with Dan on Bueno.

Just as we entered the Forest we saw two Forest Service trucks heading around Blacktail and we loped along to catch up with them. Dan had already guessed that they came in response to last night's fire, and that was indeed the case.

We seldom see Forest Service out any more, thanks to budget cuts, and they have even closed the campground at the Cochise Stronghold. It is good to know that they will still come and put out fires as they were all ready to throw on packs and run up Mt Glenn and take care of it. We have seen them do just that a couple of years ago when lightening struck a tree on Blacktail Hill. I think we were all happy their services were not needed.

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