September 7, 2009

Grazing time

It did rain last night, 0.4 inches as a matter of fact. It came with some thunderstorms, but the rain was gentle and went on for a couple of hours. It is great when it doesn't come as a deluge but takes its time: the land gets to soak some of it up.

This morning all the plants, cultivated or wild, look great. I already suspected that rain water is more beneficial for the plants than our well water and I found out today that rain water is slightly acidic by nature (pun intended). Being in the desert our soil is alkaline and our rain water neutralizes it, making for happy plants.

I noticed on my morning walk that the grass had already greened up some so we took Buggsy and Bueno out for a ride. Our horses do not have the benefit of grazing during their normal day, so we always give them lots of opportunity to get in some fresh, juicy grass when it is available. It is always much appreciated, and the horses give us lots of suggestions on good spots. I enjoy sitting quietly on one of our "boys" while they munch. It is good time for taking in the desert beauty, see wildlife and reflect some.

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