September 10, 2009

Number ten

Late this afternoon we relocated our tenth Diamondback overall, and ninth from Dave and Barbara's porch. It was a big snake with a beautiful pink cast, and quite frankly, he looked a bit familiar to me. Perhaps next year we should think of a way to mark the snakes before we release them. Barbara suggested taking their picture and posting it as a Who-Is-Who: a rogue's gallery.

It is great to be able to catch and release them knowing that no harm has been done, and that they have every opportunity to continue a life safely away from humans (who on the whole are way too paranoid and blood thirsty). Thanks to the snake tongs!

Meanwhile, Dave and Barbara have been busy plastering the outside of the strawbale house, ensuring that no wildlife would be trying to get into the bales and spend the winter uninvited. Almost half the house is finished, and it looks great. Final plaster coat will be applied next year.

At dusk we had two thunderstorms get together over the house and quite a bit of rain fell (0.3"). Lightening did strike our very nearby Mt Glenn, but thankfully the fire extinguished quickly on its own.

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