May 15, 2014


Our Floridian friends, Pat and Maureen, asked us to go on vacation with them. We had met on the last Alaska expedition and we had had a lot of fun together. They asked us to propose a location and we chose Zion and Bryce National Parks because they had never been there, and it had been decades for us. How about renting a house together, they asked? So done!

We ended up staying in a lovely villa in Springdale, about a quarter mile from the entry of Zion and within walking distance of all restaurants.

We had a wonderful time. Weather was sunny, though cool, and we were treated to one day of rain which made for fabulous, snowy mountain, scenery to make all three photographers happy. (I am not a photographer in the way the others are).

We hiked, we drove and hiked in other portions of Zion, and spent a day hiking in Bryce. And I ate. One of my vacation indulgences is eating out. It was a great time. These are some token photos, gleaned with much difficulty, from the 200+ that made Dan's cut from the original 1000+. He is planning to post his best on his own website (, I just don't know when.

The photos below were made during our hike of The Narrows to Wall Street,wading through the Virgin River.  We rented dry pants and special shoes and booties for this one. It was unforgettable.

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webb said...

Wow! Makes me long for our trip to New Mexico a few years ago.

So nice to meet compatible people with whom you can periodically reconnect and do something so special. Glad you had such a good time.

Tell Dan I am in awe of his photos - being a point and clicker myself.