May 29, 2014


It was either me or the birds today, I had to pick the apricots. We only have one tree, but even with the birds pecking a lot of the fruit, there was quite a harvest. Why can't these birds just stick with eating one fruit rather than hitting one apricot and then another?

I left whatever was obviously damaged on the tree, ate the slightly damaged ones right on the spot, and picked a number of pounds. Not being one to can stuff, I shared with my neighbors and got artichokes and eggs in return.

The cottontails will clean up whatever falls to the ground.

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webb said...

Be still my heart. I really, really do believe that apricots are my favorite fruit - certainly favorite stone fruit. I'd have made butter, at least, altho apricot jam is really good, and apricot blackberry jam is to die for.

Have you tried "small batch" canning - so much easier than the old fill-your-kitchen-with-big-pots-and-hundreds-of-jars kind. Good blog is "Food in Jars".

Meanwhile, I shall wait for the one week this summer when we get one quart from the CSA ... and dream of your whole tree-ful.