May 14, 2014


I have been delinquent in blogging, I know. It is not that there is anything wrong or nothing happening, I am a bit out of the habit. We have been in vacation (blog pending), and this spring we are enjoying seeing many young animals that are worthy of a blog, from young roadrunners, cactus wrens, ladder-back woodpeckers to teacup-sized cottontails to young jackrabbits the size of cottontails and young ground squirrels that sprawl on the porch and would make cute little furry coasters.

My thoughts are wandering in this "little rug" theme as one of the little sh*ts ate a blossom off my epiphyllum. And some blossom it would have been!

My friend Jack gave me the epiphyllum a few years ago. He was very successful growing these gorgeous blossoms while living in San Diego and knowing my love for flowers, gifted me this plant. I have been hoping for it to bloom, except this year when we were on vacation, and see what happened?

I brought the plant indoors so we can enjoy it for the short duration. The bloom is about 8 inches across, and there is another one in the works. Spectacular.

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webb said...

Wow! it's gorgeous! Not one that i know.

Am similarly lax in writing ... somehow, just not in the mood.

Glad all is well.