May 31, 2014

Snake time

It is almost June, and suddenly the weather is acting like it. It is hot, 100's, but a dry heat, right? Oh never mind … Gone are the cool nights, and I expect the tomatoes and peppers to be shooting out of the ground like Poseidon missiles.

With warm temperatures come snakes. Are they migrating to cooler environs? Just waking up? Last night we moved a Diamondback which was hanging out in the Cafeteria, aka the bird feeders. We deem that unfair advantage.

This morning Dan saw a large snake track through the arena and decided to keep a sharp eye out while he was cleaning stalls. As it was the snake had already eaten a huge meal, we think one of the teacup-sized bunnies was most likely the victim, and was only interested in a quiet, shady spot for the rest of the day. Too many unsuspecting animals around though, so he was moved with some effort as he was very heavy.

June is an indoor month here, other than cycling in the early morning. We are waiting for monsoons bringing rain and cooler temps in July, one of my favorite times of year. June? No thanks.

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Pat Murphy said...

I thought the bear last month was a hoot, but the rattler and roadrunners this month are something else.

Stuart, FL