May 19, 2014

It is only May

That is what I keep telling myself. For some reason I feel that the garden is "behind". Am I unreasonable to be expecting fresh tomatoes in June? Cantaloupes in July? This time last year the plants were bigger, weren't they? I am probably a week or so behind because of the vacation, but I also have the feeling that the seedlings were pitiful this year. They kind of eked along, rather than growing into robust little plants.

There you have it. Mom rules. But the garden is pretty much planted and seeded. There are some beds vacant: three for the winter crops and one for additional cantaloupes to be planted in June so we can still have cants for breakfast in September.

What is doing well is the orchard. Two trees are loaded with apples. There are pears for the first year ever. There are plenty of peaches. The apricot tree has lots of fruit, and there are some figs. Grapes on the grapevines and pecans and walnuts on the nut trees.

Perhaps it is too early to worry.

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webb said...

It all looks great! Love the fruit trees. It seems decadent to have your own pples and apricots and pears - oh my!