March 9, 2011

Warming up

Spring is slow showing itself in the desert this year. Some signs are there, as in this blooming manzanita. I have seen these shrubs bloom at the end of January in previous years, so our super cold temperatures this winter have been felt everywhere. And thanks to our little bit of snow a week or so ago, the grass on the hills is greening up. That will make for happy horses.

Days are definitely lengthening now, and I see jack rabbits and cottontails chasing each other. The quail are still in their coveys and have not yet paired off, but Roadie, our resident female roadrunner, is not sleeping in the barn any longer. She is still around the house during the day, but has she built a nest somewhere?

1 comment:

webb said...

Who knew that Manzanita blooms! It's beautiful. I love the wood and used it years ago to perch the birds we used to carve. Now I like it even more.