March 2, 2011

Has spring sprung?

On Sunday we had snow storms, today it is in the 70's and a glorious, sunny day. We went for our conditioning hike this morning and I regretted wearing long pants. Could have done with a bandana too.

I am glad I pruned the fruit trees when I did as there will be no stopping them now. I put them back on a regular watering schedule. Here is the very first peach blossom, and apple blossom.

I even did see a swallowtail butterfly this afternoon (oh dear!), and was buzzed by a bee on the hike. I had better go and investigate the shorts situation and get some sun on those white legs.


The fishermans cottage said...

Crazy weather! but it seems spring had sprung and you are so lucky over here in England we won't be wearing out shorts for at least 3 or 4 months x

The fishermans cottage said...

Hi Anneka, well my garden is only small and not looking its best at the moment but I will post when there is more life.. lol x

webb said...

Peach and apple blossoms? I am so jealous!!