March 24, 2011

Garden beginnings, and Dan's website update

We had so many experiences and saw so much on our vacation that it felt as if we had been gone for a month, rather than a week. Consequently, I had the feeling that I was way behind with the garden. Nonsense, of course, but there you have it. Thankfully almost all the beds had been manured and fertilized, so this morning it was just a matter of levelling and popping in the seeds.

I planted snap peas, beets, carrots, lettuce, a variety of bunching onions, and some arugula and radishes for instant gratification. All are protected by the wonderful cages that my friend Phil gave to me last year.

The tomatoes, peppers and cantaloupes are standing in little pots on hot pads in the laundry room. I can't wait to see some greenery.

Meanwhile, Dan has updated his website with his best Baja photos. Go and take a look.

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webb said...

You are SO far ahead of me. I ahve piles of seed packages, but haven't made a move toward the veggie garden. Maybe next week.