March 6, 2011

Up the back of Blacktail

When Dan returned from a solo trip out back in the National Forest last week, he told me about a new way to go up the hill closest to us, Blacktail Hill. We have climbed this a number of times from the east side, the side that we see from the house, but apparently the west side was worth doing.

This morning we decided to circumnavigate it, a regular 1-hour walk, as well as scale it from the west side. It is a shorter climb, but steeper which is not so much an issue for me going up as going down. It is a lot easier on Emma however, because there are fewer rock faces to climb.

It is always a worthwhile little hike that gets the blood flowing and makes an afternoon on the couch with a book a non-guilty pleasure. Here is a view of Mt Glenn from the top of Blacktail.


webb said...

What a lovely place to live.

The fishermans cottage said...

That looks quite a steep walk! I love a walk and then a good book.
I remember Brother Cadfael as a t.v. series here about 10 years ago.. I don't really study herbs but having sandy soil here they do very well so I have quite a few that I cook with, I have made the odd tea with them but it is an aquired tast.. lol x