March 28, 2011

Mouse house

We sighted the first oriole, a Scott's, at breakfast this morning. And a female Magnificent hummingbird! She was certainly the biggest hummer that I have ever seen. The hummingbird feeder hangs here all year round, but the holes are too small for those oriole beaks, so I hurried up and made some nectar for the oriole feeder.

I keep the unused feeders in a box on the potting bench, which is not hermetically sealed and often houses some rodent or other, sometimes a cotton tail, sometimes a towhee. But I was not prepared for this ingenious mouse nest, though I was happy that no one was home and that I did not have to evict anybody.

The little pots on the heating pads are starting to sport little sprouts that are now transported daily to the cold frame for a bit of sunshine, but still spend the nights in the garage. I agree that they need to put on some "meat", but that will not be long.

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webb said...

Isn't it great how there's a new critter and a new flower every day!