March 25, 2011

El Challenge

Shannon, our niece, has discovered cycling, and has fallen in love with it. So much so that she is bike-commuting to her job and has even started a blog about it.

I have always enjoyed cycling: I think it's in my blood, like growing things. But unlike my love for gardening, I knew about cycling at an early age, hailing from that country that is so renowned for it. This snippet is a bit representative of my childhood. My parents never owned a car, and public transportation was how we went places if we did not walk or bike. Unless on vacation, then we flew, my father working for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

So I have been encouraging Shannon in her new pursuit, asked if she was interested doing El Tour de Tucson, a renowned bicycle event in November. Well, she is. Our tentative plan is to train for the 66 mile distance. And because this ride takes place the Saturday before Thanksgiving, she and Jon will be having Thanksgiving with us. And this girl likes to cook!

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webb said...

It is such a shame that so many US cities are NOT cycle-friendly. I once decided to start riding my bike to work - 6 miles. The building manager would not allow me to take my Bianchi in the elevator to the second floor storage room for safe-keeping during the day. He wanted me to chain it to a sign in the alley. I think not!

This will be an adventure that you and your niece will always treasure!