November 24, 2010

Work those muscles!

After ending up with sore quads from our climb to Rockfellow Dome a week or so ago, I thought it would be a good to keep them in shape and hike up Blacktail Hill this morning. And with Thanksgiving coming up, we would not feel too guilty about eating a couple of pieces of pumpkin pie.

So we walked out the backdoor, across the bajada and up the hill. It is a deceptively steep climb in places, and it is rocky with a lot of scree. Not my favorite surface on a steep hill. But the rocks are very interesting. It is a lot of pudding rock, which is a sedimentary rock consisting of a lot of other rocks that have been glued together. There are a many different colors and textures and I thought this looked very much like a tree branch had been petrified and included.

We made it up and down without mishaps, Emma included. She is an excellent hiker who obeys very well. At some spots she has to jump up way over her head, and on the way down Dan ends up lifting her down rocks that would otherwise propel her straight down the slope. It is difficult to keep from trying to wriggle out of his arms though.

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