November 14, 2010

Such good horses

With the cooler weather it is time to up the ante a little bit on our rides. So rather than doing our ever-popular loop to the windmill today, we decided to swing off at Ocotillo Hill and head up. This is not a walk in the park. In addition to going up to 5325 feet, it is dodging 7+ feet high ocotillos (very prickly), stepping over fallen agave stalks (horse knee high in places), avoiding big patches of prickly pear, and walking on bare rock faces.

But there was little grumbling on Bueno's and Buggsy's part, and we showed our appreciation by letting them graze along the way. Those horses are so surefooted and willing: they are great trail horses. We were able to find a safe way down and ended up on one of the backroads. Next week we should go out on any day but the weekend as we met 3 trucks looking for good hunting. Hide all animals!


webb said...

Three cheers for the ocotillo! Sounds like a lovely ride.

Am so conflicted about the hunting. Don't like the idea of it, but do love venison. A neighbor - who bow hunts - brought me a hind quarter this week, and I was thrilled.

Do stay out of their way!

Anneke said...

I went out hunting once in my 20's. It was enough to cure me. I find we are eating less and less meat, though I doubt we will ever be totally without. But I am planning a vegetarian Thanksgiving this year (it will just be the 2 of us).

There is very little "hunting" here as people show up on ATVs, and there seems to be little respect for the environment, or the animals killed.

Merri said...

and wear bright orange!
- The Equestrian Vagabond