November 23, 2010

The Dig-Me site

Dan has been working on his web page, a place where he could post his photos for friends and family to enjoy. Always the engineer, he started from scratch after seeing some websites other people had done. Then, a revelation! The photo manipulation software he uses had made it easy, so, for the time being, some of the latest (year or two) photos are up there.

Learning new stuff is fun, so Dan is already back to the drawing board with new ideas on layout. He is also waiting for scanned images of his black and white work as far back as before I knew him (Vietnam). So, check back once in awhile, and let him know what you think.


DJ said...

Love Danny's site and I can't wait for the black & whites to be uploaded. I will probably remember a lot of them from when I looked at them as a kid.

webb said...

Wow! He does a lot more than point and shoot. I love his still lifes. Thanks. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.