November 13, 2010

First frost

All of a sudden it's Real Fall. Before we left for Texas it was Indian Summer: the windows and doors were open 24/7, and we still walked around in sandals and short sleeves. We came back from Texas and it froze the first night home. The heat even runs first thing in the morning. Temperatures during the day are still in the 60's.

Most of the garden is toast of course. Zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes all gone. The greens are still doing well, and this is really the time to eat those heaps of kale. Think I will make Boerenkool (a Dutch favorite) for dinner tomorrow, and serve it with the sausage I bought at the Allen Whole Foods. I am drooling.

The volunteer sunflower survived the cold and is now one of the few plants still with flowers, the other one is the Mexican sage. It must be time for the bees to go into hibernation and leave the hummingbird feeder for the few remaining hummers.

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