November 5, 2010

A sense of place

After all that courtroom sitting last week I needed to get moving, so we went on our conditioning hike this morning. We took our cameras, but the photo emphasis was a bit different. A couple of weeks ago, Dan took a photography workshop with National Geographic in Tucson. It was held at a very nice resort (Miraval), and he enjoyed himself a lot and picked up new techniques and more creative vision. One day was spent in downtown Tucson around the Barrio, and one day in Saguaro National Park. There also was one evening photographing a Navajo dancer at sunset. Every day every one's photos were evaluated and critiqued.

So in addition to getting some exercise, we went out to "get a sense of the place". We always end up taking the same photos of the same rocks and although something may be picturesque, it is not necessarily photogenic. See, I am learning too ...

We got a bit off the trail and tried to capture that "Stronghold feeling". I will continue to post photos to this blog in hopes of seeing some improvement over time. Photos 1 and 2 are mine, 3 and 4 are Dan's.

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webb said...

2 and 4 - definitely. Enjoy your new "practice".