November 29, 2010

Inclement weather

It was a bit unusual to have frost before Thanksgiving, but now it's gotten serious. They are forecasting 13 degrees tonight! Lots of sun right now, but a cold west wind blows and it's only 36 degrees. That's just not normal for southern Arizona. At the end of October I was still in short sleeves and bare feet, now it's fleece from top to bottom.

Thankfully the garden has been taken care of, although I don't know whether the frost covers will give enough protection. I have gathered all the potted plants against the house on the east side and will cover them with blankets at sundown. This will almost certainly be the demise of the Palo Verde, which is marginally cold-hardy for this area.

We are leaving the horses in their stalls today so they have some protection from the wind, and I am putting out extra seed for the birds. I worry about the couple of hummers still around, but there are some nooks and crannies around the house that may given some protection.

The cold and wind are giving Emma the "puppy crazies" and she runs around outside like a dog possessed. Shawna enjoys the cold, but is without her usual fur this year and she is happy to come inside. The chickens will be snug in the Chicken Taj.

Turn off all water outside tonight, drain all faucets. We are hunkering down with soup and foccacia.

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webb said...

Sounds COLD! If you want to flee to Virginia, it's a lot warmer here. I am hoping to cut the grass one more time tomorrow - in the low 60's I think.

Hug the horses for me and enjoy the soup.