July 25, 2009

Riding with Linda

My longtime, Oregonian, friend Linda is here for a week, and riding is always on the program when she is here, so we saddled up on Friday. It is fun to take out all 3 of the horses, and they seem to like going out together. Cody and Buggs are more or less distressed at being alone without another horse in sight; Bueno just gets mad.

Linda rides Buggsy who is our most reliable and gentlemanly horse. He knows who he is carrying and is appreciative of a light hand and a kind word.

Thanks to the rainstorm just prior to Linda's arrival, the hills are greening up and the horses much enjoy a nibble of luscious, juicy, green grass so we always give them opportunity to graze. After all, there is no grazing at home, only dry Bermuda that gets dished out 3 times a day. It gives us opportunity to sit and admire our beautiful surroundings.

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