July 25, 2009

Patagonia Lake

Linda loves the water and is an avid Dragonboat racer, so I had no problem talking her into going to Patagonia Lake today, and renting a little boat to go paddling. The lake is about 2 hours west of here, but the drive is well worth it.

We left Emma home in case no dogs were allowed in the boat, but I was happy to find out that next time she can come along.

We rented a canoe and I was happy that Linda had canoed before and was able to give me some pointers. Paddling was easier than I thought and we had a great time floating along the shoreline and seeing various water birds.

We had our lunch floating at the shore and were about to get underway again when a thunderclap hit. This is Arizona, and it took little time for all the boats to get to shore and the kids to leave the swimming area. We hit rain on our way home, but without any floating experience.

I would love to do this again!

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