July 2, 2009


I have been collecting eggs several times a day since finding the bullsnake in one of the nesting boxes. Egg count has been normal for a couple of days, but guess whom I saw slithering by the kitchen window this afternoon, with several doves and a bunny respectfully in tow?

A thunderstorm was just about to hit, with lightening on our nearby mountain and large drops falling, but we braved the elements and rounded up the snake. He was about the same size of my coop buddy, so we assume it is him and that he was on his way to another eggy meal.

Dan got him in the tongs and I managed the bucket (a HomeDepot product, hence the color). It is wonderful that it is so easy to take him to uninhabited (by humans) territory: we deposited him in a wash a mile or so from the WD, with lightening cracking overhead. I hope it will prove to be far away enough.

So much for the bullsnake. We also relocated a Diamondback rattler from David and Barbara's place a couple of days ago. He was well-fed, docile, and absolutely gorgeous. I am so glad we bought those snake tongs; our count so far: 2 bullsnakes, 3 rattlers. The red racer left on his own accord.

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DJ said...

I hope y'all keep snake venom around the place!

Happy 4th from India,