July 25, 2009


It happened this morning! The caterpillar changed into a butterfly! Over the last 2 days both Dan and I thought that the chrysalis was getting fatter, but this morning it looked as if all was not well. The chrysalis had changed color from a healthy green to a more brown and we feared the worst.

Just minutes later I was wiping off the counter where our buddy has been spending his time and here was a gorgeous butterfly clinging to the paper covering the jar!

We took the jar outside and took off the paper. The butterfly clung there for awhile and then walked up my arm. It was apparent that he was not used to wings yet.

We carefully put him on the miniature rose in the pot and he sat there for quite awhile before flying off. All that's left is the spent chrysalis. What an incredible feat of nature!

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Emily said...

YEAH! What a beautiful butterfly :)